The Salt Lake Tribune Voices Opinion on District Bond

During a meeting with administrators of Jordan School District and a member of the Board of Education, The Salt Lake Tribune editorial staff asked many questions about the upcoming bond election, immediate and future needs to safely house and educate students in the District, and the tax impact of a $495 million dollar bond. That meeting resulted in the Tribune voicing support for the upcoming bond. Below is the editorial as it appeared in the newspaper. In addition, The Valley Journals published a story detailing the bond.

Take A Look at the Online Bond Open House Stations

If you did not have the chance to visit one of the bond open houses, here is our online version.  Visit each of the education stations and submit any additional questions you have online in the exit survey.

Region 6 PTA Supports Jordan District Bond

Members of the Region 6 PTA have voted on a resolution that states they support the Jordan School District bond on the 2013 general election ballot. Part of the resolution states that the PTA understands and supports the District’s efforts to provide buildings sufficient for learning, and to upgrade buildings as needed without being a burden on the taxpayer.

Hot, Hot, Hot

IMG_3683Several schools in Jordan School District still do not have air conditioning.  When temperatures soar, it is a challenge for both students and staff to concentrate on studies and stay cool.  KUTV channel 2 visited West Jordan Middle to see just how hot it is.

Board of Education Adopts Resolution to Bond

H4A97851-300x200After months of discussion, public input and a comprehensive study of growth in the District, members of the Board of Education voted unanimously to adopt a resolution that will put a $495 million dollar bond on the November ballot. Board members agreed the bond is necessary because of unprecedented growth in the District. In fact, expert predictions indicate enrollment in Jordan District could increase by more than 29,000 students in the next 10 years. During the special Board meeting, priorities for the bond were also discussed. Board members agreed that housing students in a safe environment is their top priority. Under a tentative agreement the bond would provide 8 new elementary schools, 2 new middle schools and one new high school. In addition, West Jordan Elementary and West Jordan Middle would both be torn down and rebuilt on site. All schools would have air conditioning, and a long list of renovation projects that affect safety in schools throughout the District would be completed. The maximum cost to taxpayers would be $10 a month per $100,000 value on a home, or approximately 84 cents per day on an average home in the District.

Board Proud of Patron Participation in Growth Survey

People filled out the online survey which addressed growth in the District over the next ten years. Expert projections indicate that enrollment could increase by more than 29,000 students during that time, and housing those students will require as many as 19 new schools. The survey asked how our patrons feel the District should address this projected growth, 80% of those who responded said they would favor a bond. And, when given the option of a 3-year, 5-year, or 10-year bond, 77% of respondents favored a 5-year – $520 million dollar bond. When asked how they feel about alternative housing options for students, 80% favor portable classrooms, 74% favor a year-round schedule, and 74% favor boundary changes. You can see the entire survey results below:

Focus on Finances: AAA Bond Rating and Audit

Have you ever wondered how Jordan School District handles your hard-earned tax dollars? The answer can be found, in part, by looking at the District’s long-standing “AAA”  bond rating, and in the fact that Jordan has earned the prestigious ‘Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting’ for 26 years in a row. The experts say it should give taxpayers peace of mind knowing ‘District Dollars’ are being managed and spent wisely. Take a look.